Veteran Informational Program (V.I.P.)


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One of our main missions at the ELF, is to help all veterans, transition safely, back into the general societies of the world. We feel that the veterans, who fought for the freedoms of all U.S. citizens in the battlefields, should not have to return back to society and fight for their benefits, once he or she returns home.

Society and all U.S. citizens must understand that if it were not for our veterans, who have fought for this country to be free, we would not be able to live, work and grow as individuals, groups, and businesses, in this great United States of America.

As a result, the ELF has developed a Veteran Informational Program (VIP), designed to help educate all veterans in regards to all of their veteran benefits, that you are entitled to, as an active service member or a honorably discharged veteran service member.


The ELF's Veteran Informational Programs helps 

educate and inform all veterans in the following ways:

1.    DD-214

2.    VA Pension

3.    Monthly Disability Payments

4.    G.I. Bill / Education

5.    VA Home Loans

6.    VA Vocational Rehab Employee Benefits

7.    VA Small Business Loans 

8.    VA Life Insurance

9.    Spouse & Survivor Benefits

10.  Veteran Burial Services

11.  All Additional VA Services & Entitlements

The ELF's Veteran Informational Program (VIP)

The ELF's VIP program uses the following uses classes, seminars, workshops, books, CD, DVD, Online websites, social medias and so much more to educate all veterans on their benefits that he/she maybe entitled to as a service member, both active or honorable discharged as a veteran of the United States of America.

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