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About The Elf

The E.L.F, stands for the Educational Learning Foundation, Corporation which a 501(c)3 tax deductible, non-profit organization for the world. The ELF is the ultimate On-Line Learning Avenue (OLA), designed to help all individuals, from all walks of life. The ELF’s most important goals, are to help motivate everyone and to help educate everyone, improve their lives mentally, physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally! The ELF’s plan is to “use the world, to help the world!” The ELF uses a wide range of products, services, workshops, seminars, television shows, tax deductible donations and other various outreach efforts, to help everyone, everywhere, achieve those objectives needed, to enjoy a life of purpose, enjoyment and fulfillment. The ELF is strategically structured, to fill in the blanks, of formal fundamental education, in public schools, grades K-12, colleges and beyond, to adults and seniors everywhere.

D.O.E Department Of Education

The Department of Education teaches humanity, the Fundamentals of life like Math, Science, English, Biology, etc.

E.L.F Education Learning Foundation

The Educational Learning Foundation teaches humanity, the Practicals of life like Personal Development, Financial Freedom, Health & Fitness, Philanthropy Work, Home-Buying & Investing, Family & Parenting, Laws of the Land, Spirituality, and so much more!

The Educational Learning Foundation is
Not owned, Not operated & Not affiliated with the Department of Education.

We at the ELF, have committed our lives, to motivating and educating, everyone, everywhere, worldwide. We greatly appreciate all of your help and support, that you can provide.
From the bottom of our hearts at the ELF, The Educational Learning Foundation we thank you sincerely, because everyone can use a little help, from the ELF.

- The ELF Teams!

Psychology Of The ELF

Your ELF is in Anything and Everything,
in Your Life!

Your ELF is Everywhere, All of the Time!
Use Everything, and Anything in your Life, as your ELF!

Enjoy your ELF daily, because your ELF
is your Educational Learning Foundation,
for Everything in your Life!

There is an ELF in Everything!
There is an Educational Learning Foundation, in Everything!

Simply put, the ELF
The Educational Learning Foundation, Corp.