Classes, Seminars & Workshops

The "Motivational Rush" Seminars & Workshops

Category Code: Personal Development (cost $99)

The "Motivational Rush" (MR) is the most explosive motivational info book "ever written!" The MR will help you to get your mind, on your side. The MR will help you break through failures & overcome obstacles fast! The MR is designed to help you achieve your goals as fast as humanly possible. You will learn how to write a "Business Plan" on "Yourself!" This will give you the blueprint to follow, for you, according to you! Come enjoy the Motivational Rush Seminars & Workshops & Enjoy Taking Your Life To The MAX!

The Veteran's Home Buying Program

Category Code: Veteran Development (cost $29)

The Veteran's Home Buying (VHBP) program is all about educating all veterans & spouses on how the VA Home Loan Guarantee works. VHBP explains to all veteran and spouses how they are entitled to enjoying a home that the veteran has earned. VHBP lets the veteran understand that he/she is entitled to buy a 1-4 family home, condo, co-op or a townhouse within their county limit amount, with $0 money down. VHBP seminars & workshops teaches any veteran &/or spouse how to get inside his/her VA home, as quickly as possible! Come learn how with our Veteran's Home Buying Program.

The Worker's Home Buying Program

Category Code: Taxpayer Development (cost $49)

The Worker's Home Buying (WHB), seminars & workshops is helping average taxpaying employees become homeowner almost literally overnight in the real estate world! WHB seminars & workshops teaches taxpaying employees all the details of buying a home. WHB goes over credit repair, contracts, agent recruiting, special negotiations & so much more! WHB also covers various finance options, rules, regulations & down payment options. If you can rent, you could own. Come learn how with the Worker's Home Buying seminars & workshops.

The "Credit Master" Seminars & Workshops

Category Code: Financial Development (cost $49)

After the Credit Master (CM) seminars & workshops, a Great credit score is truly just ahead! The CM seminars and workshops will show you how to build, repair, restore & how to leverage your credit score in order to use other people's money, to make yourself & your family more money. The CM workshops & seminars will also show you how to finance your new home, your new car, your new or existing small business & other key major investments that you may want to finance. Credit is "King" in today's day and age. A Great credit score are the keys to unlock the safe to Your Dreams, Your Wants & Your Desires. Come learn how to rob the bank "Legally" with our Credit Master Seminars & Workshops.

The "Small Business" Seminars & Workshops

Category Code: Financial Development (cost $99)

The Small Business (SB) seminars & workshops is the ultimate key to building true job security and becoming truly financially independent. The right business plan & the execution of that business plan, can be the key between living a poverty lifestyle, versus building "Generational Wealth", not only for yourself, but for generations after you, allowing you, to past the bucks on continuously. The SB workshop will go over Business Plans, Credit Leveraging & Financing, Income Leveraging, Marketing & So much more! You will learn how to build any business from scratch. Don't miss out on this specialized information, towards building wealth, while creating jobs, all at the same time. Everyone deserves to go after his/her own fortunes, so come enjoy the Small Business Seminars & Workshops.

"Financing & Funding" Seminars & workshops

Category Code: Financial Development (cost $49)

The Financing & Funding (FF) seminars & workshops will focus primarily on how financing & funding works in today's day and age. The FF seminars & workshops will also cover partnerships, crowd funding strategies, credit & income leveraging, REIT Leveraging & so much more! Financing & Funding is the single biggest reason why ventures fail. Enjoy learning how the wealthy get wealthier, by using only 0%-30% of their own money and how they use 70%-100% of other people's money! Come learn how to get the money you need to fulfill your dreams, your wants & your desires at our "Financing & Funding" Seminars & Workshops!